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We work Monday through Saturday, 10:30am - 6:30pm. However, each client's schedule may vary; therefore we will be happy to schedule appointments as per your convenience and flexibility.
Dessign7 Interiors Pvt. Ltd. specializes in various design styles. Our mission is to create a style that is interpretive of the client's personal expression. From traditional to contemporary, we have assisted clients in transforming their interiors into something well-planned with exquisite detailing. Although styles vary, the common thread through all our projects is a clean, uncluttered look. Call us now and together we will create YOUR own signature style.
We have three types of pricing structures:
1. Turnkey Project: We undertake complete projects wherein the entire scope of work including material, labour, designing & execution is handled by us. This option is especially helpful when the client does not have the time to look into the daily development of the project. Our designing fees are included in the cost estimate that is provided by us.
2. Designing & Supervision: In some cases the client prefers to organise the material & labour himself. In that case we work solely on a designing & supervision basis. We charge a fee @ 10% of the total project cost for the same. In this case the client has to be actively involved in the day to day activities of the project.
3. Transparent Turnkey Project (TTP): A unique model offered ONLY by us. To get to know more about this, enquire with us now..

No, the first meeting is complimentary and is an opportunity for both parties to meet and evaluate the scope of the work. Speak to us now to see more of our portfolio, and discuss details about your project.
Architects and Interior Designers work very differently. Most Architects work with the exterior structure and building design. Their speciality is in macro-planning and not to work with the minute details of interiors. They are generally not in touch with the latest interior trends and finishes for items such as kitchen platform, bathroom tiles, custom furniture, colour schemes, flooring specifications, wall and window treatments, etc. Interior Designers can create an interior master plan for your entire home or office, which can be implemented in stages. The ideal design team consists of both an Architect and an Interior Designer in order to cover all aspects of your internal and external spaces. Dessign7 Interiors Pvt. Ltd. is THE ideal design team that you are looking for!!
Yes. You can start with ONE also, provided that you want a complete makeover of the room and we get ample scope to show our skills

We gladly accommodate all budgetary concerns and want to make good interior design affordable. We pride ourselves on the good and long-standing relationships that we have established with our clients. We often find ourselves working with them over the course of several years in order to accomplish their 'wish list' and even after they have moved on to another home. Our relationships always begin with an initial consultation, commonly for one project and a set budget. Discuss with us now how to make the most impactful changes to your interior while staying within your budget.
Yes. We accept interior projects across India. When working on an out-of-state project, some travel expenses will be incurred by the client. However, we are experienced in working with long-distance situations with very successful results. We utilize our industry expertise to assist the client in locating the materials locally to keep expenses to a minimum. However, skilled and expert labour is deployed from our end to ensure quality workmanship.
We at Dessign7 Interiors Pvt. Ltd believe that the design process is fun! On the other hand, it is a serious endeavour and can't be undertaken without forethought. However, clients tell us time and again, how dealing with us has made the whole design process easy and simple for them, from start to a fabulous finish. It is our mission to save your time and money. Embark on a journey with us now to achieve beautiful and comfortable interiors called your HOME.

Before you get started with your renovation plan, ask us to review your space planning needs, lighting design, kitchen layouts and/or bathroom renovations. Dessign7 Interiors Pvt. Ltd can recommend new products, styles, colors and designs that can enhance your project. Maybe you have some great ideas and you want to have quality work done but don't have your own list of reliable workmen/labours, contractors and resources. Perhaps you want someone else to be responsible for ordering, deliveries, coordinating, and installing. Should you opt to build a new home, you may need professional design assistance in choosing the right colours, finishes and products that will endure for years to come. We can also help if you are thinking that any interior specifications should be changed before building begins. Dessign7 Interiors Pvt. Ltd offers 12 years of proven experience working with clients and their builders.
That is GREAT!!! The best time to involve us in your project is during the early stages of construction so that we can plan and ensure that the builder can make the minor civil changes like door opening which need to shift. Also the electrical points and switch board positions can be modified to suit the layout of your choice. A joint review of the plumbing fittings, sanitary ware and kitchen tiles & platform size, bathroom tiles & basin counters is generally a good idea. And a secret for the meticulous clients- builders normally save on the labour cost and therefore the finish is not very good. We provide YOU with the right labour and use the builder's material to finish the job. This way YOU don't pay too much extra but get a great home. For such optimisation of your builder's construction work call us NOW.
It's very simple. Just one thing you need to do is CALL US to fix up an appointment as per your time and convenience and we will be glad to meet you and discuss your project. Dessign7 Interiors Pvt. Ltd promises you will be delighted with our creative solutions on your very first visit!!
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