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Every room, especially an odd shaped one, needs a space plan with a furniture layout prior to purchasing furniture. Anyone who wants to do it, without the help of a professional interior designer, needs to measure the room and use a graph paper to draw the room to scale. Then "to-scale" paper cut-outs of standard-size furniture should be made and moved around on the plan to see what fits in the space.

Some furniture stores offer space-planning services provided the furniture is purchased through them. However, this may limit the person to what is available in that particular store.

The better option is to use the services of DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD. to help you with the space plan and furniture layout. We can also give you appropriate suggestions on the style of furniture, and help you get more competitive pricing because most stores offer us a special discount.

There are many flooring choices and the best way to make a decision is to weigh the pros and cons of each to decide what fits one's lifestyle or the function of the space the best. There isn't any "one," perfect material that would require no care, but here are some choices to consider:
  • Wood will provide warmth and character. Engineered, pre-finished woods with a polyurethane finish wear well and can be refinished at least once after some years of use. It is not cold to the touch and is not as hard on the feet as tile and stone. Woods with a distressed look will show fewer scratches than those that are smooth.
  • Laminate floors have become very popular lately. They are not as expensive as wood and come with good warranties. However, they are prone to scratching, but unlike wood cannot be refinished. Walking on laminate floors creates a "hollow" sound that some people like.
  • Stones such Italian marble & granites are used a lot for flooring by interior designers. This floor is very elegant, durable and apt in Indian climates but cold to walk on, and appropriate precautions needs to be taken to keep from staining. Grout lines for stone can be very thin and this appeals to most people. It is also ideal for staircase treads and risers.
  • Ceramic and Porcelain tile can be cheaper than stone and there are many tiles that mimic the look of stone. Tile, like stone, is cold and hard, and the grout tends to discolour over time. Tile does not need to be sealed and can take a lot of wear and tear.
  • Woollen carpets are available in form of wall to wall carpets or in form of a decorative rug. They are cosy to walk on but are high on maintenance. A decorative rug can create the right statement for the room.
  • Vinyl flooring are fairly new to the flooring family and can simulate wood, stone, and other materials. This flooring although cheaply priced has a high wear and tear and does not look very classy.
At DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD we help you decide the right flooring for your space.
A grouping of two sofas facing each other is considered a formal interior look and a coffee table between them would be a good addition to this room and would complete the grouping. However, in order to tone down the formality, the style of the table is important. One that is less formal but still blends into the existing furniture would work, we at DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD will guide you to select that 'perfect' piece.

There are various options now available for stone counter tops, mainly used for kitchen platforms and washbasin counters:
  • Granite counters are a popular choice while designing interiors because the inherent property of the stone makes it strong and less porous. Most colours are available locally but the preferred ones are dark colours due to its resistance to stains. Although it is economical, it is not very aesthetically appealing due to its grains.
  • Marble counters are very classy to look at but are high maintenance and should be used under expert guidance.
  • Composite marbles are a recent addition to the stone family. They are manufactured to have the elegance of a marble and have stain-resistance better than granite. They are available in various colours and slab-sizes but you need proper planning to economise the wastage.
  • Solid Surface material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate can be thermoformed allowing unique shapes to be created. Due to its non-porous quality it is recommended in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and wall cladding in showers. Due to its versatility it can be joined, shaped, and finished into a wide variety of interior products. It comes in more than 100 colors and patterns.
  • Glass counter tops are recommended only as wash basin counters by interior designers. They are low maintenance and can be customised for shapes and colours. Bright and translucent finishes make it very appealing.
How do you decide the most feasible counter top option keeping in mind the aesthetic & function?
DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD will not only make the right decision for you but also create a beautiful ambience around that special place in your house.
You love the wide open spaces and want to bring the outside in. You may prefer contemporary interior design and think of your personal decorating style as "light and airy". Here are some tips on achieving that sense of spaciousness in your rooms.
  • Lighting: To create a feeling of largeness in your room, you will want to eliminate the shadows that tend to slice a room up into smaller spaces. Work on lighting the room with a soft, even light. Diffused, ambient lighting will tend to enlarge the room.
  • Colour: Soft colours and monochromatic colour schemes will make the room look spacious. Use white, beige, gray or cool pastels on your walls and floors to make them recede.
  • Textures: Keep your surfaces free of heavy textures. Smoother surfaces tend to reflect more light and make the room feel larger. Avoid heavy textured flooring. Choose tile over patterned or textured carpeting. Reflective and shiny surfaces such as mirror also can be used effectively.
  • Furniture: Selection and placement of furniture in a room is crucial in defining the space. Keep the largest pieces against the walls whenever possible. Select pieces that are not very heavy and are finished in materials that reflect light. It is critical to use as few furniture pieces as possible in the room & consulting DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD will help you avoid over crowding the space.
You want your room to be warm & cozy. Here are some things to consider when creating a more intimate space while designing interiors.
  • Lighting: The use of indirect lights will create a warm & cozy atmosphere in the room. Use of warm white & soft yellow lights rather than white light will create a warmer glow.
  • Colour: Choose strong colours for your walls and floor. They will tend to bring them in closer towards one another. A dark wooden floor with highlighted walls of brown or deep red, blue or green tones will help create the feeling of a cozier space.
  • Textures: Heavy, soft textures add warmth to a space. Faux fur or hand knitted throws on a sofa, plush carpeting and curtains are all textural elements to consider.
  • Patterns: The use of pattern in a room can also lend a sense of coziness to the space. Oriental rugs and printed wallpapers, patterned upholstery fabrics - used alone or in combinations; the more patterns in a room, the cozier it will feel. Care must be taken when combining patterns.
  • Furniture & Fabrics: Choose dark finishes to create a sense of the piece being larger than it actually is. Heavy textured fabrics and large patterns will add a cozy feeling to a sofa or chair. The rule of thumb, especially in a smaller space is "Don't overdo it" & hence it is advisable to get DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD to create your very own cozy nest.

Place the largest pieces first: In furnishing any room the major piece for the primary activity of the room must be considered first - the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, the desk in the office. This piece in most cases should face the focal point of the room. The focal point can be a view window or as is often the case, the television. Large pieces should be evenly distributed so as not to put the room off balance. Leave room around them for the best affect.
  • Next place those pieces relating to the main piece: The interior arrangement must make your activity comfortable and convenient as well as flatter your furniture. Think about the use of the room as you place the furniture. If you typically eat or drink there, is there a place to set your cup or plate down? Is there enough storage for books or CDs? If the room is used for socializing, is there enough seating and is it appropriately arranged? Wherever possible keep pieces of similar scale together.
  • Add accent pieces for secondary activity: Creating an area for a secondary use adds function to a room. A reading corner in a bedroom or a coffee seating in a living room can be created with a minimum of space. A long empty wall can be made into a focal point by grouping family pictures. Place a study or office desk under a window to take advantage of the natural light and view. A corner cabinet is a wonderfully functional piece that adds character to the room while displaying your favourite collection.
  • Be aware of traffic patterns: You can direct the flow of traffic through a room with the placement of your furniture. Leave a minimum of three feet for walkways. Guide the traffic around the room's perimeter to create a less disruptive environment.
  • Let your personality shine through: Ultimately, your home is an expression of who you are. Design your rooms so that you are comfortable, with a realistic eye on your own taste and habits rather than relying on a picture from a magazine.
If you are not sure about the best possible set up for your place get DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD to consult you on it & create a home of your dreams.
First and foremost, a window treatment is for privacy. You don't want people to see in your home, so you cover the window. Obviously, rooms that require privacy are the bedrooms & living room to certain extend. When considering window treatments in these rooms, consider either blinds or curtains.
Function Consider how the window treatment works. Is it a window that u need to cover up or is it a French door that needs coverings. Keep this in mind primarily regarding function.
LightingDo you need the window treatment to control the lighting in the room? Do you want to be able to darken the room by pulling the curtain shut, like in a bedroom? Do you need to keep out the glare of midday sun? Consider your light control issues within the room. Also, it's always nice to let the sun shine in, but you can end up with sun fade ruining expensive rugs and upholstery in the process. Decoration Last, but certainly not least, the window treatment will decorate your room. After you take care of the first two functions for window treatments, now the fun starts - finding a window treatment to suite your decor and budget and complement the room. What's the Difference Anyway?
  • Blinds not just pull down plastic shades, but Roman Blinds and pleated Blinds as well. These are made of fabric and pull up like blinds. The fit within the window frame & give a very elegant look to the space.
  • Curtains - The curtains are normally split into two categories. The sheer: for allowing the light in & still providing certain level of privacy & the main curtain: for blocking out the view from outside & cutting out the light.
  • Don't let yourself become overwhelmed when choosing window treatments - take it step by step taking the points above into consideration to narrow down your choices when designing interiors. We can definitely make it a fun experience at DESSIGN7 INTERIOR PVT.LTD.
Accessories are the almost the last & enjoyable stage of interior designing - the vases, throw pillows, knickknacks, pictures, and lamps - those treasures that personalize your home. They convey your style, your personality and set the tone for the room. Accessories not necessarily have to be all brought out new, those old pieces that you have been saving for long can definitely be considered while styling the interiors. But what to use & what to discard is something that needs to be given a good thought. That ancestral clock might have a lot of sentimental value but might look a mismatch with your chic contemporary living. At DESSIGN7 INTERIOR PVT. LTD we make sure all those important treasures of yours find their right place in your home.

There are many aspects to be considered while designing your interiors viz. the functional aspect and the aesthetical aspect of planning. The functional aspect deals finalising use of a particular space and then using the space efficiently for the proposed use, while the aesthetical aspect deals with setting the right mood or ambience for the space. At DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD, we find the right balance of functionality and aesthetics.
Whilst planning a layout for your premise the first thing is to decide the actual use of the space. Whether you are planning an office or a residence, or whether the space is ideal to be a bedroom or a living room. This broad classification of space also gives us the number of people using the space including the future expansion within the space. Spending on interiors is a costly affair and should be planned keeping a futuristic view of at least 5yrs ahead. A major influence on planning a space is ones desire to adhere to beliefs like vastu, feng shui, etc. Any inclination to such beliefs should be considered in the initial stages of planning a interior layout to prevent re-working later on. Accessibility to services like water supply, drainage, electrical, etc is quite relevant & need expert interior planning. Improper planning of services can create constant problems in the future. Lastly, remember the surroundings of your place a key factor in planning your space. You would want the most used space to have the best view, natural light and ventilation. Planning a space with all the above consideration is a complex task, made easy with the help of DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD. DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD.
There are various kinds of lighting available depending on your use of space. Firstly, you have general lighting which is used for good visibility and for performing normal tasks like moving around without bumping into things or for recognising people and identifying things. Secondly for certain functions like reading, working, and shaving or for performing specific detailed tasks you require additional light also called as task lighting. The intensity of this lighting (or the lux levels) is more than general lighting and depending on the duration of task, this lighting should be well optimised. This lighting should also be planned in a manner to be free from shadow of the surrounding influences.
And thirdly, there are times when lighting is used to create a specific mood. A dimly lit room can add a touch of romance to it or red light can add certain dynamism to the space. Such use of lighting used to evoke a particular response is called as mood lighting.
Based on the type of light source used to achieve the above ambiences, lighting can be classified into direct lighting, indirect lighting and spot lighting. Direct lighting is when the source of the light is visible to the eye. This type of light can sometimes cause glare but it is most economical because there is minimum loss of energy. Indirect lighting is when the actual source of the light (ie the bulb or the tube) is not visible but only the illumination can be seen. Even though there is loss of energy in this kind of light source, it is mainly preferred because it prevents direct glare and helps create the right mood setting. Spot lights are high energy lights, intensified on a smaller area to highlight or focus attention on something particular. These are commonly used to highlight pictures, sculpture, object of art and particular merchandise.
There are various colours of lights also available to suit individual tastes right from white light to cream, yellow, blue, red, green, etc. The right combination of lighting arrangement can give different feel to a particular interior space. There are various fittings and fixtures available for different kinds of lighting arrangement and an DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD can help you finalise these, to ensure your room is optimally lit for the desired purpose.

Having proper ventilation for your place is of primary concern for any kind of human activity to take place. Natural breeze flowing through the room is obviously the best source of ventilation, but normally in absence of adequate natural ventilation one has to resort to various forced ventilation systems. Forced ventilation systems are mainly of 2 types:-
  1. . Air circulation systems
  2. . Air conditioning systems
Air circulation systems consist of various types of fans which rotate to circulate the surrounding air at a faster pace so as to create a breeze in the room. They are mainly classified as:
  1. . Ceiling mounted in the centre of the room
  2. . Wall mounted if ceiling mounting is not possible due to height constraints
  3. . Exhaust fans which primary function to remove smells from the room.
Air conditioning systems involves rectification of air to have the desired temperature & humidity within a space. Air conditioning systems are mainly window AC - fixed within an external window frame; split AC - where the AC is split in 2 units the outdoor and the indoor unit and central AC systems. The window AC necessarily requires specific provision whilst designing the windows of the house. It is a more noisy system because the compressor is situated right outside the window. The split AC requires having piping and drainage arrangement planned well in advance, so as to prevent damaging of walls later. The central AC has to have proper ducting arrangement planned to ensure uniform cooling throughout the hall. Suggestion on the best kind of ventilation systems to be used for your space is the expertise of DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD and we can incorporate the right system in your designs well in advance.
Ergonomic interior design is basically referred to designing as per dimensions comfortable to the people you are designing for. It refers to adhering to certain standard measurements considered while designing. For example, the sofa height should be 1'-6"; or the kitchen platform should be 2'-8" in height; or a computer table should be 24" in depth. These sizes are standard but individual customisation can be done when ones requirements deviate from the standards. For example with TFT monitors the computer table can be 1'-6"deep; or for an Indian baithak the height can come down to 9". At DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD we optimise your space using these customisations; which is why we offer you custom built furniture as per your requirements as compared to readymade furniture.
It is common knowledge that walls and ceiling are painted with various types of paints like lustre paint, plastic paint, oil bound distemper, oil paint, dry distemper, etc. The most common of these are lustre paint because it is washable and gives a good sheen to the painted surface. These paints are normally used for all surfaces, but to break the monotony of the space, a highlighter wall is usually introduced to give character to the room. The highlighter wall can be simply just a different colour shade in paint or the use a different material such as texture paint, tile/stone cladding or wallpapers. Wall papers: - These are available in various shades and designs (over 5000 designs) and in a wide price band ranging from the Indian to imported varieties. Good quality wall papers are imported, vinyl coated and washable. Although wallpapers are marginally expensive to texture paints, the advantage is that it is printed and the final product (with reference to exact shade and design) is approved before the installation. Texture Paint: - These are available in customised shades and designs; though limited when compared to wallpaper. Texture paints are manually done on site and therefore variation from start point to end point of the job is possible, depending upon the skill of the labourer, as it is a manual job. Tiles or stone cladding: - This is generally more expensive than texture paint and wallpaper and there is also a limited variety available as compared to the above. The major advantage is that it provides a good relief work to the wall surface and ideal for external areas. Deciding the right highlight for your space is a critical decision as one can easily be easily confused & intimidated with the variety. We make it this selection a fun procedure for u at DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD. DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD .

Veneers, laminate and painting are options to finish a furniture piece. Veneer & Laminate are considered as indoor finish & basic paints are used when furniture is exposed to climatic conditions; where polish surfaces and laminates fade.

Duco Paint: - This is a good finish for furniture pieces where you want bright, plain colours with smooth edges. However, it has a tendency to catch dirt stains easily and is not scratch resistant. It is advisable to coat it with polish for giving it an additional protective layering.

Veneer: - These are thin sheets of natural wood surfaces pasted on the plywood surface. Various varieties of exotic woods are available in veneer form. They are finished with coat of polish and are amongst the most elegant and pleasant finishes to be used in any space.

Laminates: - As the name suggest, these are printed, paper surfaces laminated on thin sheets of hard wood. Laminates are artificial & cheaper imitations of actual veneers and therefore they don't look as elegant. Since they are manufactured, they are the most stain and scratch resistant, but also tend to give furniture pieces sharper edges due to their base material. It is always a combination of these materials that complete the room, the way DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD has visualised it for you.

The form and shape of the furniture in a room is the most important criteria for determining the character of the room. Various interior design styles convey different emotions:-

Straight lines and Squares: - Straight lines and squares are mainly used for formal spaces, because they give a sense of discipline to the entire room. They are generally elegant in style and command a universal appeal.

Angular lines: - A pointed angle diverts the vision and therefore it is very dynamic in nature. A sharp angle also gives a sense of breaking the barrier creating a rebellion in young minds. Interiors with angular lines suit places which attract the youth.

Curve lines: - Curvy lines are smooth and don't hurt. These have a sense of softness and gentleness. These are ideal for kids' room, etc.DESSIGN7 INTERIORS PVT. LTD creates those spaces for you that evoke the perfect emotion.

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