jaideep ranade architech view1 jaideep ranade architech view2

Jaideep Ranade

Completion Time : 15 months
Location : Fakhri Hills
Sq Ft Area : 5,500.00
Category : Contemporary Bungalow

Client Requirement

"We want a twin bungalow, which are identical but we don’t want it to look like twin bungalow."

Our Solutions

We designed this bunglow keeping horizontal lines in mind to break the verticality of the entire structure. The terraces that formed in the bargain were simply amazing spaces. We also ensured that one central toilet duct in the core of the bungalow took care of all the toilet pipes and no pipes were seen on the external face of the building.

8 months Alibaug 2,000.00 Elegant Farmhouse "We want our farmhouse built for my parents whilst I call them to stay with me to US for a year." We shared designs online and had discussions on Skype. We shared the images of the progress of work with the client and when his parents came back, they moved into their new home right away. It was a pleasant surprise planned for them and they were all smiles when they saw the place. "This is like our Taj Mahal," said Mr. Ranade