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Kalpana Balaji

Completion Time : 120 days
Location : Shrinath Hermitage
Sq Ft Area : 3,000.00
Category : Extravagant Bungalow

Client Requirement

"We want to modify our old bungalow to give it a new look, but it has to be maintenance friendly as we are a working couple and don’t find time except weekends. Also we want to chalk out an additional room in the backyard."

Our Solutions

The place was congested and due to limited natural light coming in, it look very dingy. We knocked down the small windows to convert them into bigger French windows. This let the natural light come in and all of a sudden along with freshness came a smile on Balaji's face. From there on he knew, it was the right decision to hire us! And that extension at the backyard, become a cozy room for his guest.