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What We Do

Design & Build Solutions

Does the thought of getting your home interiors done with your busy work schedule sound scary? Will you find it difficult to coordinate with 10+ agencies and vendors to get your home interiors completed in time? We have an experienced team to help you ensure a hassle-free, home building experience. Good designs from Dessign7 become complete once they are executed perfectly on-site.
And the icing on the cake is no cost escalation!

Design & Supervision Solutions

Would you like to personally oversee every aspect of the execution of your interior works? With good, customised designs from Dessign7 and your own team of trusted contractors, you are ready to embark the journey of making a happy home. We not only provide a set of detailed drawings, but also explain them to your contractors.
And the icing on the cake is we closely handhold you throughout the project!

Decoration Solutions

Do you want to spice up your home, but aren’t looking for complete interior makeover? At Dessign7, we can help you transform your home to give it a zing, just by suggesting the right wall to be highlighted with the right texture and colour. We also help you select curtains, cushions, bedsheets, paintings and artifacts to complete your home.
And the icing on the cake is a whole new look within minimum budget and time!

Our Process

  • Site & Survey
  • Layout Plans
  • Designing the Space
  • Execution
As the first step towards designing interiors for your dream home, we carefully listen to your requirements and systematically record the data in our KYC (Know Your Client) format for easy reference. But what is even better is that one of the directors personally visits the site before starting the design process to get an actual feel of the site and its surroundings to create the best concepts for you.
We know you would be excited to know the various possibilities of using your place. We give you multiple layout options to choose from. Our clients have been pleasantly surprised in the past with innovative and creative options we have presented. They weren’t aware that such layout were even possible! We let you take your time to decide the final layout as this is the foundation of a home.
Ever bought fancy clothes which don’t fit you? Then why choose a fancy design which will not take care of your requirements? At Dessign7, we customise each and every corner to accommodate all your requirements. We are most passionate about coverting your well utilised spaces into designer concepts. We make designs that are highly user-friendly and maintainance free instead of creating masterpieces which can be damaged with your child’s touch. At the end of this stage, you would be completely aware of what your dream home will transform into.
This is where your house starts tranforming into your dream home. Our efficient labour teams get working on your site to start converting the designs on paper to liveable spaces. We bridge the communication between you and labourers to ensure that every minor change in the design gets implemented as per your requirement. Come to site, only if you wish to enjoy the process of execution, otherwise rest assured that we are closely monitoring it.
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